For Adult Intermediate And Advanced Riders



Incredible riding, food, and discussion from a very professional host


I worked with Hernando to customize the perfect three days, two night trip for my husband and myself during our honeymoon in Colombia. He was incredibly responsive and professional throughout the weeks and months leading up to our trip.


The trip itself was an amazing experience and highly recommended for anyone who is serious about horses. The ride was exhilarating and kept a fast pace through the beautiful countryside and rural roads. The horses and the ride were not your usual nose-to-tail type. As mentioned in many other posts there was a lot of cantering as well as creek crossings. The ride also provided such a unique way to see rural Colombia as you pass through homes and workshops.

The hospitality and food were also quite a delightful experience. And Hernando, himself, is such a treat to converse with. He is very knowledgeable across many topics and a great resource in learning more about Colombia.

Toni M


Fabulous Amazing Day of Horseback Riding !!!


We are a family of three, experienced riders and we wanted an experience where we could enjoy the outdoors, horses, and be able to ride (canter), and enjoy the horses in a style fitting of our riding level.


Hernando was amazing, friendly, very easy to communicate within English ( all though 2 of 3 of us were fluent ).


The countryside was beautiful, we learned a lot, he had snacks and water, we stopped in a small town for a break and drink, and after had a great meal in a small town.


I highly recommend this experience. He will pick you up and has a lot of information about Bogota itself.



Great ride with these amazing Colombian horses


We had a great day horse riding in the region outside Bogota. It’s about 1-2 hours drive, Hernando will pick you up and drop you off after.

The ride and the scenery are amazing, the horses are super chilled and reliable and very safe in the difficult terrain; still, they are fast, agile, and energetic, so no boring stuff but a fairly fast and fun ride. These Criollos not only have the standard gaits but two more, very similar to the Icelandic horse (maybe more popular and known amongst Europeans), so the riding is extremely comfortable.


I used to ride these horses in my teenage years so for me it was a highlight being able to go on a ride in their homeland.

I highly recommend Hernando’s business as it involves local horse owners, lovely restaurants with really good food, small businesses like the Tejo place where you can stop for a game and a beer – this is the way he supports and involves others.



Colombian horseback adventure worth doing twice

When my friend suggested we go horseback riding I was skeptical at first. Mainly because I had ridden horses many times and in many different countries, and initially it didn’t seem that different from my past experiences, but this was an experience unlike any other. First, it wasn’t a boring trail where the horses just follow one another. No, this was really horseback riding in the Colombian countryside. The views were breathtaking, and we even rode up mountainous terrains! Second, the horses gallop a little differently, so it’s a new (FUN) experience in that aspect as well. Finally, because the tour is a bit more intimate you really get to enjoy it at your pace. It’s like a personal horseback riding adventure. Bonus: You will get some beautiful photos and videos for social media if that’s your thing. If you are in Bogota and want to experience a different side of Colombia, then book this tour! Our host, Hernando was amazing. He was knowledgeable, fun and his passion makes the tour a must-do. I would totally do this again!

Lucien Beckford


Authentic, Historical and Cultural Riding Adventure

Our Riding Columbia trip was excellent and exceeded my expectations.  The horses we rode were well trained, cared for, and in excellent condition. Our mounts were great for intermediate to advanced riders and a delight to ride. It was truly amazing horseback riding through the rugged, ever-changing, and unforgettable Colombia countryside. We rode our horses into towns, villages, to mountain top vistas, through rural farming areas, seeing, visiting, and experiencing the people, history, and culture. At times, stopping to relax, repose or to take on refreshment and enjoy the local scene. . On the last day of our ride, we stopped at the splendid La Chorrera waterfalls for a cool dip in the pool below the falls before continuing on to a tiny, remote adobe home where we met Rosa, a well-known, religious artist from the area. We had such an incredible visit. . Our days with Hernando culminated in a remarkable learning and cultural experience I will never forget. I would highly recommend Riding Colombia Horse Riding and Hiking Tours to all experienced riders. Someday,

Marlen M


Fabulous Riding Holiday in the Boyaca Mountain

We have just returned from a wonderful trip to Colombia incorporating a private group trip with Hernando to the area around Villa de Leyva. We had three magical days riding in the fantastic Colombian countryside, stopping for the occasional beer, swimming in a waterfall, or to admire the stunning views.

My two girlfriends and I ride regularly at home in Scotland but loved the opportunity to explore this wonderful place on horseback. The terrain means that a reasonable level of riding confidence is required, but the horses which Hernando uses have a lovely temperament and are well used to the trails.  We loved the beautiful historic streets of Villa de Leyva which are packed with gorgeous restaurants and artisan shops.

It was a delight to feel the warmth of the Colombian sun over morning coffee. The real highlight of this tour, however, was the opportunity to sample a wide range of traditional Colombian dishes, all of which were delicious.

Jane D


Recommended six day tour with horseback riding near Villa de Leyva

Hernando has put together a varied and very enjoyable private tour in the area around Villa de Leyva. The horseback riding is for experienced riders with plenty of opportunities to canter as well as to stop for a beer. The horses are well looked after and responsive.

The scenery is beautiful and we were riding on small country lanes away from the traffic. On our off days, we did some short hikes which we also enjoyed. Hernando has put together a program that includes a variety of local hearty food for lunch and dinner at selected restaurants.

The “Lomo al trapo” (beef cooked in a salt crust and wrapped in a cloth) was excellent and the best beef we have ever had in Colombia. The hotel was good but we would have preferred somewhere a little closer (and within walking distance) to Villa de Leyva (which is apparently difficult to find). All together we can certainly recommend this six-day private tour.

Joe W


Rewarding and exhilarating experience riding

We are both competent horseback riders; my husband is the strong athletic type with little fear, less knowledge but makes up for it in enthusiasm and natural athleticism. I am an experienced rider, having ridden most of my life, at times seriously, and in many places in the world. I used the internet to search for horseback riding possibilities in the Bogota area.

I started reading what was offered on the site of RidingColombia: Hernando Rivas is the creator, proprietor, organizer, and inspiring guide for the horseback riding tour company RidingColombia, based out of Bogota with rides in the vicinity of Villa de Leyva, a region 2-3 hours north of Bogota a.  The horses Hernando uses are small, sturdy, eager Colombian Criollo Paso Fino type horses that offer a lively, and spirited ride. They are not horses for beginner riders. They are horses that require a rider to ‘ride’ them, not someone that expects to simply go for a ‘ride’.

Ditte N